Happiness Is a Choice!

Today isn’t a day I usually post something but I read an email from a friend that inspired me! So I thought that I would share the fruit of my inspiration with the world, or at least the part that visits my website lol.

Being happy is something you choose to be. It is not the things we have or the situations we are put in that make us happy. Happiness is decided by how we view the things we have and the situations we go through. If we choose to be happy and view life in a positive manner then we can’t help but to be happy. Wake up with the mind set that you are going to have a great day and let nothing change that. You have a choice when things dont go your way you can either focus on the negative and be sad, disappointed, even angry, or focus on the positive and enjoy every moment.

Make the most of every moment. Create memories that you will enjoy forever. When you need a reason to smile look back to the beautiful memories you have created. Be thankful and appreciative for all that you have. It is about what you give not what you get. Appreciate all that you have been through in your life. Learn from the mistakes and repeat the success.

Smile… you will live longer!


The Meaning of the Words

Grammatical Inspiration


I speak, I write, for my and your inspiration

Give not our mind any limitation


Is the message I am preaching

Believe in what you are reaching for

Look NOT at one man’s ceiling, it may be YOUR FLOOR

I beg you to stop and think on what you just read or heard

Because if not then it is just words

Although these words, vividly spoke

Are often just filled with the hope

That someone anyone would listen or read

So they may see that this isn’t just my attempt at beautiful speech

Or just a  talented use of noun, adjectives, and verbs

Yes, it is amazing what one could do with words

But it’s never my intention to be a great writer or speaker

But through my words and actions a great leader

Lost Melody

Lost Melody

A glass containing a few cubes of ice
And my beverage of choice for the night
Music playing ever so light
But the melody and words of a song catch my ear
I can’t help but to hear
“It hurts to Love someone new
Pain aside this is what I have to do
It hurts to love you too
I fell in love with you
Before you even loved you
It hurts me to watch you search for who you are
You look on the ground when I know you are a star”
Slowly I realize these aren’t the words to the currently playing tune
My heart has started to sing overpowering all other sounds in the room
My glass now empty my eyes now wet
This is a song I will never forget

The Hamster Wheel

The Hamster Wheel


DREAMS hanging over head like a hamster on a wheel

moving in their direction, yet off in the distance they lie still

a look of confusion and defeat sweeps my face

how can I get there when it seems I am running in place

a voice whispers by FAITH


Your Little Boy

Sometimes I lay awake fighting back the tears

Praying I never have to face my biggest fear

That fear is letting down

One of the few angels God let grace this ground

It took me some time but this is what I have found

God does exist and He loves me

He gave me the gift of having you be

My friend, my motivator, my rock, my confidant

The amazing woman I get to call Mom

You see growing up I didn’t understand the sacrifices

The things you gave up for my childish devices

What you go through just to see me smile

For me you gave up designer names yet always stayed in style

The Mothers’ love for her child

A love that with maturity I have learn to appreciate

A love that forever will bring a smile to my face

Grateful I am for all that you have done for me

All the crazy errands you have run for me

Grateful I will remain

For the love that has never changed

A Letter God

A Letter to God

From this world I part

As I attempt to gather my thoughts

Trying to find what my life is missing

but from life I’m so distant

Its almost like an out of body experience

breath taking to see I’m living it

Before it all passes before my eyes

I’d like to see I lived before I died

Living every day like its 10/31

to scared to reveal the true me to anyone

sometimes I think I’m crazy and need help

I’m scared to even reveal me to myself

Feeling like I’m running on fumes

Looking for someone when I am the only one in the room

standing in the mirror

Searching for truth but I need an image that’s clearer

I feel the words coming out

I even hear sounds leaving my mouth

But from my mouth to Gods Ears

I’m starting to wonder if he can hear

Not doubting him at all

Just starting to think its a long distance phone call

I have free long distance

Even have Gods number just think the area code is different

So if this ever makes it

God can you respond before I end up breaking

Monday Motivation ( I’m Failing )

I’m Failing

Have you ever sat wondering why am I failing at this? I have always been good at it. Well I was recently reminded that sometimes we must fail at the things we are good at in order to find the things we are GREAT at. We sometimes get too comfortable with good and need to be pushed toward greatness. The baby bird is thrown from the nest in order to fly we too sometimes must be thrown from our nest so that we may fly. Becoming comfortable is one of the biggest reasons for not achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Being comfortable is also a reason that we don’t set our goals high enough. We must always push ourselves to the next level! Look for the complete version of this inspirational article and the poem that goes with it in my upcoming book Help Wanted.

Remember today maybe your last. Live like it!!