Patiently Dreaming

Patiently Dreaming


I have been told to be patient for a while

Patience wears thin, I have dreamed since I was a child

From my childish DREAMS

To a man who needs these things

The DREAMS became goals that are too hard set

For me ever to forget

It is not the nightmares that scare me

It is my dreams that torture me  

I’d love to walk away so I could enjoy the peace

But as I attempt I realize the DREAMS are ME


6 thoughts on “Patiently Dreaming

  1. Out of the cage and into our dreams! This one is solid, reads awesome aloud! If not for our dreams, our hopes and aspirations, we would all be the same. Your dreams are well worth sharing, not to mention following! Happy #WW Loved it 🙂

  2. i can relate…some dreams are so vivid they just wont let you go…perhaps that is saying keep hanging in there and striving, it might be what you were meant to do

  3. I love this one, you should never stop following your dreams. They all make life worth it, they make up who you are.

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