My Everyday

My Everyday

A new day begins
as soon as yesterday ends
he wakes to put on his tailor made suit
and wingtip shoes
tightening up his silk tie
feeling choked but by the fact that he is living a lie
a tortured man hidden behind his smile
drifting through the dreams of his inner-child
Silly dreams
why does he even remember these things
he use to say it happily…
This is what I will be when I grow up
The silly ambition that now makes him  want to throw up
His  Ipad is ever so lightly playing
A song by Sam Cooke that talks of change
his new found dream
to get away from his everyday by any means


4 thoughts on “My Everyday

  1. Percy, the way my bubbles shaping up, we might have to run away together! lol Dare to dream, and dare to dream throughout all the everyday mundane BS that tries to convince us our dreams are childs’ play. Without the dream, we grow old, tired, stale, and beaten! Your voice, your honesty, your personal integrity speaks so loudly in all your work. The world is desperate for people who have refused to give up on the dreams. WE need YOU to dream, and to write, and for but a few moments out of our very busy days, provide US the escape. You have the power to do that, I do hope you know!

  2. all too reall…we lose those dreams to reality and it is a sad passing…too few continue to chase them…you can you know…you dont have to settle…

  3. Just don’t quit. Study the craft. Write because you love it and love the ride. I understand the frustrations of everyday. Don’t let those frustrations be the weeds that choke out a dream that wants to bloom. I see you growing as a writer. keep it up.


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