I don’t remember when we first met

Only pictures of her at her best

Looking back, I long for days like that

She was beautiful, without a care in the world

Breathtaking, that girl

When she was new

Just a view

Would bring tears to your eyes

Beauty without compromise

But as the days go on

They grow ever so long

She was no longer the same

Her beauty had changed

She had completely different features

It was hard to tell if this was even the same creature

Her true beauty now a rare sight

The she I refer to is life

The saying is, “life shows us all the same light”

Yet the light for some looks real bright

While others fight to see through the night

Every moment with her, one should cherish

For who knows when she may leave you to perish

But if not with you, the next the curse to inherit




As crickets sing their favorite melody
I look at the night sky wondering how far can heaven be
the last time I close my eyes does it take a day, a minute, a week
does it really even matter because this is my eternal sleep
what does heaven feel like is it anything I have ever felt in real life
why would the maker of good create evil in the same night
the answers aren’t of any relevance
but I can’t deny the question’s presence
is this a weak believers mind state
I hope this doesn’t mean I’m losing my faith
my questions are like cancer slowly killing me
and the answers are like chemo killing while healing me



Some days my Faith grows weak as I search for peace
Even weaker as I search for me
Trapped inside my worldly wants
And so say ungodly thoughts
Judged by those who are farther away from he than I
They sadly live inside their lie
With a pointed finger as their disguise

I do not pass judgment upon you
I pity what you are going through
It must be hard to wear that mask
To tuck away quietly your past
To kneel to pray
But to have to rehearse what to say
It must be hard to live this way

I will say this I do believe
I trust in that he died for me
He died knowing I wouldn’t be perfect
He died because he believed I was worth it
A man with Faith who has ups and downs
A man who has grown by leaps and bounds
A man who was and is a sinner trying to get it right
That is why he gave his life
So please let him be the judge
I mean it was his blood.

Facebook Facade

Facebook Facade

Our world is perfect from Facebook’s point of view
If only the world knew
That photo probably the first smile we shared all day
Or when u clicked “insert name here” likes, you don’t feel that way
You don’t really “like” our life
Another face book lie
If you check either relationship status it is left blank
Too much pride to say openly our ship sank
We smile to save face
But our hearts are filled with hate
Hate for not walking away
Hate for pretending for one more day
Pictures speaks a 1000 words
And no one ever heard
The truth… this is a Facebook Facade

*Disclaimer although I wrote this poem it in no way reflects my life* LOL sorry didn’t want the world getting the wrong idea.



 In a world full of people realizing I’m alone

Not scared strangely feeling more in the zone

I’ve been here before

now knowing what it takes

you alone decide your fate

headed toward your destination

courage, persistence, and determination

no time to wait for help

you depend on yourself

survival instincts forgetting everything else

success is your only friend

and like true love you think of it until days end

you dream of it when you sleep

longing for it finding yourself not being able to eat

success means everything to me

just don’t know what success could be