In a world full of people realizing I’m alone

Not scared strangely feeling more in the zone

I’ve been here before

now knowing what it takes

you alone decide your fate

headed toward your destination

courage, persistence, and determination

no time to wait for help

you depend on yourself

survival instincts forgetting everything else

success is your only friend

and like true love you think of it until days end

you dream of it when you sleep

longing for it finding yourself not being able to eat

success means everything to me

just don’t know what success could be


5 thoughts on “Success

  1. As long as you keep doing what you love and work hard at it.. Everything will fall into place. Just like love.. Success will find you. And only you can define your success.

  2. Percy, wish I could figure that one out for myself! I’d share the answer if I had it. At this point, the fact that I write everyday is a personal milestone to me, and is a small win. To those that value money, then of course I wouldn’t be successful…but MY biggest personal success was when I realized I value my pen more than my bank account. I got a bit of freedom from that! The facts that I’ve met amazing folks like you who are also willing to pour their hearts and souls out on their pages, and that I don’t have to climb this ladder alone…maybe that’s the answer. Success is surrounding yourself with likeminded people who will help you climb the ladder, rather than pulling the rungs out from under your feet. When we reach the top and start to tumble, I still want to be able to say Hey Poet! as I fall back down 🙂

  3. Yes, that’s the tricky part, but you’ll know when you find it. Being happy to wake up in the morning ans still be alive, doing whatever i do, pretty much is it for me. Enjoyed your sharp stepping piece.

  4. so many people get lost in success…and the true secret is in how you define it….for each i imagine it a bit different and probably ties into the things that we value the most in life…

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