Facebook Facade

Facebook Facade

Our world is perfect from Facebook’s point of view
If only the world knew
That photo probably the first smile we shared all day
Or when u clicked “insert name here” likes, you don’t feel that way
You don’t really “like” our life
Another face book lie
If you check either relationship status it is left blank
Too much pride to say openly our ship sank
We smile to save face
But our hearts are filled with hate
Hate for not walking away
Hate for pretending for one more day
Pictures speaks a 1000 words
And no one ever heard
The truth… this is a Facebook Facade

*Disclaimer although I wrote this poem it in no way reflects my life* LOL sorry didn’t want the world getting the wrong idea.


4 thoughts on “Facebook Facade

  1. i think you’re touching something here which is not only limited to facebook, not even limited to the online world – sadly enough that many people think they have to hide behind a facade but who knows what brought them there..good write percy

  2. Percy, you have such a keen sense of what you write, capturing that fabric of a lie so many weave through this social networking phenomenon…and thru life in general. What would happen if each and every one of us could share this voice of honesty, if we could lay down our airs and simply be. The courage to accept the life you have created is paramount for improving and evolving. Accountability, perhaps, is the words I’m seeking, and your piece is a pointing finger to those who would rather live the lie. AND…I’ve written another book here…my apologies. Great write!

  3. social media, the online community oh how easy it is to fool others when we dont have to look them in the eye…the scary thing is we are not fooling ourselves…and if we are we have much bigger problems…too much energy wasted in making things look good…

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