As crickets sing their favorite melody
I look at the night sky wondering how far can heaven be
the last time I close my eyes does it take a day, a minute, a week
does it really even matter because this is my eternal sleep
what does heaven feel like is it anything I have ever felt in real life
why would the maker of good create evil in the same night
the answers aren’t of any relevance
but I can’t deny the question’s presence
is this a weak believers mind state
I hope this doesn’t mean I’m losing my faith
my questions are like cancer slowly killing me
and the answers are like chemo killing while healing me


4 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Percy! And now comes the great debate on free will…you’ve certainly been writing with heavy hand lately! These eternal questions burn within me as well…but I have concluded, for what my flawed opinions may be worth, that it is up to man to choose good and evil, the wise one upstairs has left it up to us. And then you have the mind of man to perceive what is good and what is evil. No war is fought without reason, and both sides think they’re right…how do you pull a winner from that! We’ve done a great job of messing up the divine plan…let’s just pray we can get it all sorted before He decides to do it for us! (Wouldn’t have anything at all to do with what been going on all over the earth…prepping for the hurricane on this end…and she’s coming through early!)

  2. nice…killing while healing…if you would like there is a great book by NT Wright called Evil and the Justice of God…i think you would find it quite interesting…

  3. The spiritual calling in this is really beautiful. We get caught in the ego mind that wants answers, only the rest in our knowledge which is only in our hearts. Sometimes we just have to hear differently.

    “my questions are like cancer slowly killing me
    and the answers are like chemo killing while healing me”

    Really well penned closing couplet. Glad to meet you and read your work! ~ Rose

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