I don’t remember when we first met

Only pictures of her at her best

Looking back, I long for days like that

She was beautiful, without a care in the world

Breathtaking, that girl

When she was new

Just a view

Would bring tears to your eyes

Beauty without compromise

But as the days go on

They grow ever so long

She was no longer the same

Her beauty had changed

She had completely different features

It was hard to tell if this was even the same creature

Her true beauty now a rare sight

The she I refer to is life

The saying is, “life shows us all the same light”

Yet the light for some looks real bright

While others fight to see through the night

Every moment with her, one should cherish

For who knows when she may leave you to perish

But if not with you, the next the curse to inherit


11 thoughts on “Life

  1. nice bit of word play in this…life is still beautiful…i think it is our lenses that get a bit tarnished from experience a bad day with her is a good day eh?

  2. The way you use a girl as a metaphor for life is awesome… Your words are always truthful and have their way of hitting home.. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Applies to life definitely, but also to people. We may be blinded by the appearance at first, but after awhile, we see their actions and not their face. Like the way the metaphor goes both ways.

  4. The most beautiful eventually succumb to the wear and tear of life. keep the shine on the inside and you’ll be alright…right? Another wonderful take on this wicked ride we must endure…where would our inspiration come from if not for our struggles and watching the beauty fade.

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