Love Kills

Love Kills

A broken heart is in so many ways is like death
Even has that moment right before your last breath
Where you replay the good times like flashbacks of your life
This can’t be all that love is like
In the beginning all laughs and smiles
Then love grows like a child
It matures
Into something that is no longer pure
Doesn’t have the same allure
Now tainted by the flaws of man
Maybe love should be left in Gods hand
The power of love has taken many lives
Not only evil but good men and women have died
So now I sit with the question
To be or not to be any suggestions?


13 thoughts on “Love Kills

  1. Maybe love should be left in God’s hands…powerful thought. One of the things I like most about this is that you are able to express the brokenheartedness of it all withut being maudlin. I think many will identify with that.

  2. even if love was originally meant in a much more pure way i think god still entrusts us with it and there are so many stories where love wins and gives..i think we fall and make mistakes but still what would this world be without love…and may it be only traces of the original…

  3. Love is so often corrupted, spreading pain and grief. I like how you mourn here and yet there’s a sense of renewal. We quest for love and every love ends in the death of the lovers. The pain of loss is part of the joy now whether love dies from neglect, betrayal, or time.

  4. I really, really, REALLY like this poem. Such truth is being told in such a concise manner. I am mourning the loss of a love and the life that came with it these days, so I can really relate. Thanks for sharing!

  5. WE Immortalized Love

    We’ve dragged this love through hell and back—
    We colored it light and then watched
    as it faded to black… .
    Its been soiled by the harsh realities it’s seen…
    Most other love would’ve been stained
    …somehow, OURS– always came clean.

    Again and again…..

    We’ve tortured this love of ours with sharp bitter words
    Its suffered 3rd degrees from the fires we’ve burned.
    Shit…..We lived, we loved and we learned…..
    We drowned it in tears,
    Stabbed it with lies.
    Over the years
    We ignored its cries.
    We branded its face with burning hot lust
    Four simple words… “Forever Me and You”
    And only hoped the scars that we left
    Would prove to be true.
    And how many times,
    We’ve beaten it down,
    Bleeding and gasping for breath
    As it lay on the ground…
    So many times, I thought –
    I was watching it go its last round.
    And everytime I thought it was lost
    ..its always been found…

    we rode LOVE till the wheels fell off-
    (and when they did)
    we strapped it to our backs–
    polished it clean, patched up the cracks.

    We’ve dragged this love to hell and back.
    Colored it light then watched as it faded to black.
    We’ve overcome all the hurt and the pain
    We’ve waited for the sunshine and we danced in the rain
    And as everyday passes, nothing will ever be the same
    OUR love has stared Death in the face
    Knocked on his door, called out his name
    But OUR love’s demise…
    well… it never came.
    So we still hold our heads high, without any shame

    What *we* have baby…
    is a gift from above.
    What we *DID* baby….
    We immortalized love.

      • Thank you Percy!! I actually built the courage to perform Spoken Word at Sankofa’s and once my family & I got there… the place was shut down… So I’m looking for a new spot. You should try open mic as well. Meg & I will be there snapping our fingers!! 🙂

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