My Own Dali

My Own Dali

A Salvador Dali view of time
I’m lost in my own mind
Some times a second feels like an hour, an hour like a year
Other moments, a year feels like a minute and death is near
Trapped in the epitome of my own insanity
How can I understand anything amongst the calamity
Yet, somehow soothing is your essence
It takes no more than your presence
It’s like you do some magical séance
To bring calming spirits I thought long ago lost in the chaos
Woman, you are something
Amazing how you don’t see the man I am but the one I becoming

11 thoughts on “My Own Dali

  1. The music in your soul shines through beautifully in this write, Percy! And I LOVE Dali…I used his work as muse more than once! Love the rhythm and word play here…bravo Poet!

  2. that last really hooked me in. you’ve caught some emotional stuff that needs to be said by all men and the heartfelt sentiment deals with the real. I’m often put off by rhyme but these are real and are not forced, they come thru naturally and strike my ear a gentle force.

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