His Promise

His Promise

Head bowed, body bent

Every bit of fight in me spent

Dreams tormenting my soul

Tears begin to roll

As I whisper … God… my lips start to quiver

Do you remember

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

Here I am appearing ungrateful

So many say this is what they wait for

For me, this life is not enough

More is a must

I can’t stand the ordinary of just being

God you must have created me for more than I am seeing.

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

So, Father please speak to me

Are my dreams not meant to be

Or is it that I am not ready

I keep saying be patient and hold steady

I worry how patient I should be

Maybe you’ve forgotten your promise to me

No more than I could bear

I hope you are listening to my prayer

And remember your promise of no more than I can bear

Because right now I feel I am almost there

That moment before I break and out of air

“I Have A Dream”

I wanted to do something different for this post. I wanted to write something using a photograph as my muse. I took a trip to Washington D.C. earlier this year and took this photo with my phone. I snapped the photo as I reached the top step at the Lincoln monument as I looked out at the reflection pool. I loved this photo for some strange reason. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it is a horrible photo of one the most beautiful and  memorable speeches of all time. Maybe it’s that the only clear words in the photo are “I have a dream.” What ever the reason it has inspired me!

I have a dream that I can not and will not let die

A dream that even after death I will survive

I may never give that great speech

But I will live every day as a great me

My LIFE will be my LEGACY

I have a dream!