His Promise

His Promise

Head bowed, body bent

Every bit of fight in me spent

Dreams tormenting my soul

Tears begin to roll

As I whisper … God… my lips start to quiver

Do you remember

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

Here I am appearing ungrateful

So many say this is what they wait for

For me, this life is not enough

More is a must

I can’t stand the ordinary of just being

God you must have created me for more than I am seeing.

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

So, Father please speak to me

Are my dreams not meant to be

Or is it that I am not ready

I keep saying be patient and hold steady

I worry how patient I should be

Maybe you’ve forgotten your promise to me

No more than I could bear

I hope you are listening to my prayer

And remember your promise of no more than I can bear

Because right now I feel I am almost there

That moment before I break and out of air

“I Have A Dream”

I wanted to do something different for this post. I wanted to write something using a photograph as my muse. I took a trip to Washington D.C. earlier this year and took this photo with my phone. I snapped the photo as I reached the top step at the Lincoln monument as I looked out at the reflection pool. I loved this photo for some strange reason. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it is a horrible photo of one the most beautiful and  memorable speeches of all time. Maybe it’s that the only clear words in the photo are “I have a dream.” What ever the reason it has inspired me!

I have a dream that I can not and will not let die

A dream that even after death I will survive

I may never give that great speech

But I will live every day as a great me

My LIFE will be my LEGACY

I have a dream!

My Everyday

My Everyday

A new day begins
as soon as yesterday ends
he wakes to put on his tailor made suit
and wingtip shoes
tightening up his silk tie
feeling choked but by the fact that he is living a lie
a tortured man hidden behind his smile
drifting through the dreams of his inner-child
Silly dreams
why does he even remember these things
he use to say it happily…
This is what I will be when I grow up
The silly ambition that now makes him  want to throw up
His  Ipad is ever so lightly playing
A song by Sam Cooke that talks of change
his new found dream
to get away from his everyday by any means

The Tin Man

The Tin Man


As my dreams fade to nightmares

I start to wonder if I’m still here

can you hurt this bad and still be alive

tears roll from my eyes

an outward snippet of my inner pain

if tears revealed the truth it would probably rain

then from rain to a flood

no messages from above

no ark in sight

I’m starting to believe this is my life

not just forty days and forty nights

each bird returns no sooner than it left

will the pain last until my last breath

from a frown seeps a laugh

a flash of my past

memory of a moment from a happier time

now it seems that memories are all I find

smiles are something that are buried in my thoughts

find the wizard, this man has lost his heart

Popping Bubbles

Popping Bubbles


a man expected to live through his troubles

while DREAMS fill his head like bubbles

Like a child given a wand for fun

watching each bubble, pop one by one

leaving no more, than what was there

a warm feeling and a drop of air

but foolishly these bubbles silence his cries

the bubbles are the will a man needs to survive

as each bubble pops a little piece of him DIES

Patiently Dreaming

Patiently Dreaming


I have been told to be patient for a while

Patience wears thin, I have dreamed since I was a child

From my childish DREAMS

To a man who needs these things

The DREAMS became goals that are too hard set

For me ever to forget

It is not the nightmares that scare me

It is my dreams that torture me  

I’d love to walk away so I could enjoy the peace

But as I attempt I realize the DREAMS are ME

The Hamster Wheel

The Hamster Wheel


DREAMS hanging over head like a hamster on a wheel

moving in their direction, yet off in the distance they lie still

a look of confusion and defeat sweeps my face

how can I get there when it seems I am running in place

a voice whispers by FAITH