Can I Be Your Mr.

Can I Be Your Mr.?

I want to make the words of your favorite love song come true
Then pause the world for a minute to dance with you
More than a pulled out chair or an opened door
I want to take you places you’ve never been before
Show you parts of your mind you never thought to explore
Any inhibitions you have I want to murder
I want to four letter word you like nothing you have ever heard of
Not that I measure my self by your past
Because I don’t just want to be better than your last
I don’t even want to be the man of your dreams
I want to be the man that makes you think you are living a dream
Make you say this can’t be as good as it seems
I have no problem working to make you a believer
I want my love to be so amazing that your faith in God grows deeper
When I gaze into your eyes
I want you to feel like I need you to survive
I want to give you the kind of love the world misses
So would you please let me be your Mr and you my Mrs.?


My Own Dali

My Own Dali

A Salvador Dali view of time
I’m lost in my own mind
Some times a second feels like an hour, an hour like a year
Other moments, a year feels like a minute and death is near
Trapped in the epitome of my own insanity
How can I understand anything amongst the calamity
Yet, somehow soothing is your essence
It takes no more than your presence
It’s like you do some magical séance
To bring calming spirits I thought long ago lost in the chaos
Woman, you are something
Amazing how you don’t see the man I am but the one I becoming

Let’s Talk Love


My first topic of conversation for Good Conversation Wednesday is Love. What is love? Is love something that can be defined or measured? Well, to find out more about love the first thing that I did was what we all do now when we want to know more about something, I simply Googled it. The first thing that came up about love was Wikipedia’s explanation. Wikipedia defined Love as “an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.” Of course I couldn’t just trust Wikipedia, I then looked to for how they defined love. defined love as a “profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” As a second definition stated almost the exact definition of Wikipedia. I then decided that I would look for a more philosophical approach, so I opened my Bible and searched for the Biblical definition. In all simplicity, the Bible’s definition of love is “God.” The Bible then goes on to say some of the things that love does in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 13. The actual definition of love I believe is most similar to that of the Bible’s “God is love”. If you are a believer or not, it doesn’t change the meaning of Love. God is something that can not be defined or measured much like I think love can not be summed up into mere words or measured by the standards of men and women. I also believe that we as humans make foolish attempts at love knowing that a true, pure love is beyond our real reach. We are able to show affection and care, which we mistake for love. Some of us are even able to make sacrifices for the good of the one we “love.” To say that we are able to fully express love in its purest form would be to discredit what love really is.

I hope that my opinions aren’t offensive to you and that you will share your thoughts on love and what it means to you. This is an open forum. You can post your feelings on the topic, even if it is a link back to an article, blog post, or poem you wrote. I want you to share your thoughts! Hey and if you feel like you have an idea for next Wednesday’s conversation, I’d love to hear it. Remember, for your topic you get the credit!



I keep trying to write when the author sits above
Humbled by my own failed attempts at love
I should have known better than to try to create a fairy tale
I thought I could make the good knight prevail
Pen no longer in hand I realize my fail
I some how create a beautiful story but botch the happy ending
Well I guess it was a shaky beginning
I thought this would be different
I thought I figured out what my story was missing
Here we both sit at the end of our rope
From a fairy tale to reality
From being a knight, to wondering what happened to me
I guess I should have realized early I’m a mere man
Who am I to decide my life’s plan

Man and Woman

Man & Woman

I want to take you far away from your fears
But that would mean that you leave me here
I see thru that hard exterior
Through that beautiful smile you feel so inferior
My daily compliments
Do nothing for your confidence
You heart so battered and bruised
I guess from the many times you have been used
You see that for your love I’d pay the price
But it’s like the pain is your vice
Let me be you knight in shining armor
The battle I go thru for the former
My actions speak louder than my words
But even those go unheard
A wounded woman, that may never heal
This poem all to real

You Stole the Music


As tears begin to pour
I start to wonder who this was written for
Invoking the memories of pain
This song screams your name
Will music ever be the same
Am I now for ever cursed
Remembering the pain through every verse
Will your song ever end
So that my life can begin
I wish I could love music again
Instead i listen to ever song remind of you
As I sing words that feel so true
For the world I pretend
That it’s only a song, all the while dying within

Facebook Facade

Facebook Facade

Our world is perfect from Facebook’s point of view
If only the world knew
That photo probably the first smile we shared all day
Or when u clicked “insert name here” likes, you don’t feel that way
You don’t really “like” our life
Another face book lie
If you check either relationship status it is left blank
Too much pride to say openly our ship sank
We smile to save face
But our hearts are filled with hate
Hate for not walking away
Hate for pretending for one more day
Pictures speaks a 1000 words
And no one ever heard
The truth… this is a Facebook Facade

*Disclaimer although I wrote this poem it in no way reflects my life* LOL sorry didn’t want the world getting the wrong idea.