Monday Motivation ( I’m Failing )

I’m Failing

Have you ever sat wondering why am I failing at this? I have always been good at it. Well I was recently reminded that sometimes we must fail at the things we are good at in order to find the things we are GREAT at. We sometimes get too comfortable with good and need to be pushed toward greatness. The baby bird is thrown from the nest in order to fly we too sometimes must be thrown from our nest so that we may fly. Becoming comfortable is one of the biggest reasons for not achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Being comfortable is also a reason that we don’t set our goals high enough. We must always push ourselves to the next level! Look for the complete version of this inspirational article and the poem that goes with it in my upcoming book Help Wanted.

Remember today maybe your last. Live like it!!

Monday Motivation

Positive Vs. Negative

I was once told a parable about an old man who lived outside of town and owned two dogs. The two dogs were of the same breed, under went the same training, were of equal strength and stature. The old man each month would go in to town to fight his dogs for the crowd. Bets would be placed on which dog would win (I know wrong! Bear with it for the sake of the story). The old man would always tell a friend which dog would win the fight before the fight had begun. Each of the two dogs would win and lose there fair share of fights but the old man was never wrong on which dog would win. As the old man lay on his death bed he was asked how did you always know which dog was going to win the fight? He said I would simply feed that dog the week of the fight and starve the other.

This is the same in our lives except there are no dogs in the fight, only positive forces and negative forces. By feeding the negative things in our lives, we starve the positive. How can we ever expect the positive to overcome the negative when the negative things are so well nourished? The feeding of the positive must come from within us. Its so cliché but the glass half full approach is genius. Looking at life with a positive out look makes life much more enjoyable. We have so much to be thankful for and so little to be sad over yet that is what we focus on most. It is time to smile and feed the positivity in our lives! Today is the day that we begin living instead of dying; no more negative thinking only the positive things matter.

Smile even if it hurts

Smile because it could be so much worse