His Promise

His Promise

Head bowed, body bent

Every bit of fight in me spent

Dreams tormenting my soul

Tears begin to roll

As I whisper … God… my lips start to quiver

Do you remember

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

Here I am appearing ungrateful

So many say this is what they wait for

For me, this life is not enough

More is a must

I can’t stand the ordinary of just being

God you must have created me for more than I am seeing.

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

So, Father please speak to me

Are my dreams not meant to be

Or is it that I am not ready

I keep saying be patient and hold steady

I worry how patient I should be

Maybe you’ve forgotten your promise to me

No more than I could bear

I hope you are listening to my prayer

And remember your promise of no more than I can bear

Because right now I feel I am almost there

That moment before I break and out of air


Fifty Two

Fifty Two

A single tear slowly makes it’s way down my face
I secretly accept it’s warm embrace
It’s journey reminds me that trouble won’t last always
See, that lone tear is the last of many I have cried
The others have come, fallen, and dried
A walk to the mirror lets me know I’m still here, still alive
Grateful I stand
For trouble and pain has taken many a good man
I look again at my hand
Prepared to play what I have been dealt
I know the greatest opponent I will ever face is self
A whisper to God “I may need a little help”



As crickets sing their favorite melody
I look at the night sky wondering how far can heaven be
the last time I close my eyes does it take a day, a minute, a week
does it really even matter because this is my eternal sleep
what does heaven feel like is it anything I have ever felt in real life
why would the maker of good create evil in the same night
the answers aren’t of any relevance
but I can’t deny the question’s presence
is this a weak believers mind state
I hope this doesn’t mean I’m losing my faith
my questions are like cancer slowly killing me
and the answers are like chemo killing while healing me



Some days my Faith grows weak as I search for peace
Even weaker as I search for me
Trapped inside my worldly wants
And so say ungodly thoughts
Judged by those who are farther away from he than I
They sadly live inside their lie
With a pointed finger as their disguise

I do not pass judgment upon you
I pity what you are going through
It must be hard to wear that mask
To tuck away quietly your past
To kneel to pray
But to have to rehearse what to say
It must be hard to live this way

I will say this I do believe
I trust in that he died for me
He died knowing I wouldn’t be perfect
He died because he believed I was worth it
A man with Faith who has ups and downs
A man who has grown by leaps and bounds
A man who was and is a sinner trying to get it right
That is why he gave his life
So please let him be the judge
I mean it was his blood.



I walk that fine line
Between blasphemy and curious mind
My faith is wearing I feel myself slipping
I’m doing every thing I can to keep from quitting
Tears falling from my eyes
The wetness on my face let’s me know I’m alive
Otherwise from this pain I would have sworn I’d die
God have you forgotten me
Or is it I that has forgotten thee

Many of my readers wonder if I ever experience happy thoughts. To stop the wondering I will explain why most of the writings that I post seem to be from a sad soul. The first collection of my poetry that I want to release will be in a book called Help Wanted,  therefore the poems are all rather somber in essence or show a longing for more. The second volume that I will release shall be called The Brighter Side.  This book will contain “happy” poems of a sort and show  a different side of me .  Please join me on the journey,  subscribe to the site!