Some days my Faith grows weak as I search for peace
Even weaker as I search for me
Trapped inside my worldly wants
And so say ungodly thoughts
Judged by those who are farther away from he than I
They sadly live inside their lie
With a pointed finger as their disguise

I do not pass judgment upon you
I pity what you are going through
It must be hard to wear that mask
To tuck away quietly your past
To kneel to pray
But to have to rehearse what to say
It must be hard to live this way

I will say this I do believe
I trust in that he died for me
He died knowing I wouldn’t be perfect
He died because he believed I was worth it
A man with Faith who has ups and downs
A man who has grown by leaps and bounds
A man who was and is a sinner trying to get it right
That is why he gave his life
So please let him be the judge
I mean it was his blood.