The Zoo

The Zoo

I sometimes feel like that caged animal in the zoo
My life is made to seem amazing to you
Yet this isn’t at all what I want to do
I would love to be free
To be out of this captivity
To live every moment of my life being me
But instead this cage is my reality
My dreams remain just dreams
The hope of living them slim to none it seems
I am well taken care of and well fed
But this cage isn’t where I want to be until I am dead
This cage has taught me for every gift there is a curse
To have or to have not I can’t decide which is worse


Happiness Is a Choice!

Today isn’t a day I usually post something but I read an email from a friend that inspired me! So I thought that I would share the fruit of my inspiration with the world, or at least the part that visits my website lol.

Being happy is something you choose to be. It is not the things we have or the situations we are put in that make us happy. Happiness is decided by how we view the things we have and the situations we go through. If we choose to be happy and view life in a positive manner then we can’t help but to be happy. Wake up with the mind set that you are going to have a great day and let nothing change that. You have a choice when things dont go your way you can either focus on the negative and be sad, disappointed, even angry, or focus on the positive and enjoy every moment.

Make the most of every moment. Create memories that you will enjoy forever. When you need a reason to smile look back to the beautiful memories you have created. Be thankful and appreciative for all that you have. It is about what you give not what you get. Appreciate all that you have been through in your life. Learn from the mistakes and repeat the success.

Smile… you will live longer!