Man and Woman

Man & Woman

I want to take you far away from your fears
But that would mean that you leave me here
I see thru that hard exterior
Through that beautiful smile you feel so inferior
My daily compliments
Do nothing for your confidence
You heart so battered and bruised
I guess from the many times you have been used
You see that for your love I’d pay the price
But it’s like the pain is your vice
Let me be you knight in shining armor
The battle I go thru for the former
My actions speak louder than my words
But even those go unheard
A wounded woman, that may never heal
This poem all to real


Fifty Two

Fifty Two

A single tear slowly makes it’s way down my face
I secretly accept it’s warm embrace
It’s journey reminds me that trouble won’t last always
See, that lone tear is the last of many I have cried
The others have come, fallen, and dried
A walk to the mirror lets me know I’m still here, still alive
Grateful I stand
For trouble and pain has taken many a good man
I look again at my hand
Prepared to play what I have been dealt
I know the greatest opponent I will ever face is self
A whisper to God “I may need a little help”

You Stole the Music


As tears begin to pour
I start to wonder who this was written for
Invoking the memories of pain
This song screams your name
Will music ever be the same
Am I now for ever cursed
Remembering the pain through every verse
Will your song ever end
So that my life can begin
I wish I could love music again
Instead i listen to ever song remind of you
As I sing words that feel so true
For the world I pretend
That it’s only a song, all the while dying within

Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

She taught me love

Real Love

She showed me how to smile from my heart

Then it all fell apart

She taught me pain

Real pain

She showed me what emptiness felt like

To be alive but feel like you lost your life

She gave me a reason to write

Writing became the new love of my life

The soothing of the words

Becoming deeply in love with each noun, adjective, and verb

Writing soothed my pain

When it all became to hard maintain

She gave me a page to cry on

A true friend to rely on