Persistence Is The Key

Persistence Is the Key

I’m barely getting sleep
I feel like I’m losing me
I can’t stop now I haven’t reached my peak
I remind my self daily, persistence is the key
Failure is just one step closer to success
I believe Calvin Coolidge said it best
Persistence will set you apart from the rest
So giving in is not an option
Death is the only way I am stopping
I traded in my dreams for goals
I’m not waiting for anything to unfold
I will give my all; until there is nothing left
That final moment, at my very last breath

In Their Own Words: Interview with Theron Kennedy

In Their Own Words

This is an interview I did with Theron Kennedy at

What is an Artist?

An artist is someone who captures an emotion in what they do. In my opinion, anyone can be an artist, from painter, to fashion designer, to an architect. If you are able to turn emotion into something tangible, then you have just created art. Some make a career of being an artist while others practice it at their leisure, being an artist doesn’t require you to clock in and out. I LOVE that about being an artist.

What are your passions?

Faith, knowledge, and art. My faith is a big part of who I am and determines a large amount of my character. I don’t try to push what I have faith in on others, I hate that. I think everyone believes in something and that combined with the knowledge they acquire determines the direction of their life. Knowledge really is POWER, it just takes courage to use the power that you have when it may not be the most popular thing to do.  Art… hmm… I just  love it! I mean, I honestly don’t think I could put in to words what I think art does for society.

What are your favorite styles of poetry? What are your favorite styles to write in?

I mostly write without form, so I would have to say that it’s my favorite style of poetry. I try not to force what I write. I admire those who are able to capture the emotions of poetry, not only in words, but also through the use of form. Form is a task I have not yet mastered. I would love to one day be able to write a ballad, tanka, or a haiku, but I want it to come from my heart, not just from practice.

Who are your favorite poets and have they influenced you? How?

My favorite poets would have to be Robert Frost and Langston Hughes. These poets both showed a talent when it came to expression. Everything I could ever dream of expressing in my work, they did. These two writers give me something to shoot for! I remember my first time reading “The Road Not Taken” by Frost, it spoke to me! Then a friend gave me the poem as a gift when I left for college and while I was in college I was assigned this poem to read allowed from memory and then give a speech on its meaning. I can only hope to have a poem read by a 15 year old boy almost a 100 years after I wrote it and it still touch his life the way that poem did mine.

When did you start writing?

At 13 I started writing rap songs and then of course I started to want to impress girls so I turned rap into poetry. I would love to sit here and tell some profound story of how I started writing but that is the truth… LOL.

Why do you write?

As I wrote poetry, I found my self being able to express my feelings not just about girls, but about life. Writing somehow became an outlet. No matter what was going on, a calm place was with my pen in hand. As I matured, that soothing feeling grew even more, allowing me to be better at leaving my feelings in my writing. Writing is the one thing that I do, not to be better than my peers or for financial gains, but for the peace and sense of completion it gives me.

Where are you from?

New Orleans, Louisiana! A place with a deep culture, great food, and great people. Also home to the best football team in the NFL.. WHO DAT!?!

What inspires you?

EMOTION …if I feel it in my heart, I write it.

Have you discovered what is unique in your voice as a poet?

I believe that as a poet my voice is that you can hear my heart beat in my words. At least, that is my ambition. If I am able to be remembered forever, I want it to be because I was able to put into words what the heart of every human being says.

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His Promise

His Promise

Head bowed, body bent

Every bit of fight in me spent

Dreams tormenting my soul

Tears begin to roll

As I whisper … God… my lips start to quiver

Do you remember

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

Here I am appearing ungrateful

So many say this is what they wait for

For me, this life is not enough

More is a must

I can’t stand the ordinary of just being

God you must have created me for more than I am seeing.

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

So, Father please speak to me

Are my dreams not meant to be

Or is it that I am not ready

I keep saying be patient and hold steady

I worry how patient I should be

Maybe you’ve forgotten your promise to me

No more than I could bear

I hope you are listening to my prayer

And remember your promise of no more than I can bear

Because right now I feel I am almost there

That moment before I break and out of air

Writers block

Writer’s Block

I want to write, I need to write, but the words escape me
The pen begins to speak,
“It is the heart not you who makes me”
I begin to plead…
“I really need this written,
I don’t have time for you to be smitten ”
My pen replies,
“Do you not know we create art and when I say we I mean pen and heart”
I quickly reply
“Of course I realize!”
The pen interrupts,
“Well it seems you don’t understand,
it’s not about your plan.
It is about capturing an emotion
so where ever did you get this notion”
I interrupt screaming,
“I understand all that, I get the deeper meaning!”
The pen calmly interjects,
“No… No you don’t you don’t understand at all.
If so, you would know that I answer to a higher call.
I amount to more than your weekly blog post.
I am the soul’s host, the emotions’ usher.
I am what causes a man to push further.
So if you think that you can make me jump;
Then by all means try all you want.
Your force is evident
Delivering a lack luster performance to put forth your weekly regiment”
Saddness and embarassment sweep my face
“I apologize my dear pen forgive my mistake.
I had forgotten it is not I but the heart that creates”



I am afraid to sit in silence
I run from the quiet
The fear of letting my mind drift
Where would it land in the abyss
I fear that darkness
It is one I haven’t been able to harness
The questioning of all that I believe
The wondering if the person I am is really me
Or better yet, the person I should be
I don’t find peace in quiet
The quiet…
is where my thoughts begin to riot.

My Own Dali

My Own Dali

A Salvador Dali view of time
I’m lost in my own mind
Some times a second feels like an hour, an hour like a year
Other moments, a year feels like a minute and death is near
Trapped in the epitome of my own insanity
How can I understand anything amongst the calamity
Yet, somehow soothing is your essence
It takes no more than your presence
It’s like you do some magical séance
To bring calming spirits I thought long ago lost in the chaos
Woman, you are something
Amazing how you don’t see the man I am but the one I becoming



I don’t remember when we first met

Only pictures of her at her best

Looking back, I long for days like that

She was beautiful, without a care in the world

Breathtaking, that girl

When she was new

Just a view

Would bring tears to your eyes

Beauty without compromise

But as the days go on

They grow ever so long

She was no longer the same

Her beauty had changed

She had completely different features

It was hard to tell if this was even the same creature

Her true beauty now a rare sight

The she I refer to is life

The saying is, “life shows us all the same light”

Yet the light for some looks real bright

While others fight to see through the night

Every moment with her, one should cherish

For who knows when she may leave you to perish

But if not with you, the next the curse to inherit