The Meaning of the Words

Grammatical Inspiration


I speak, I write, for my and your inspiration

Give not our mind any limitation


Is the message I am preaching

Believe in what you are reaching for

Look NOT at one man’s ceiling, it may be YOUR FLOOR

I beg you to stop and think on what you just read or heard

Because if not then it is just words

Although these words, vividly spoke

Are often just filled with the hope

That someone anyone would listen or read

So they may see that this isn’t just my attempt at beautiful speech

Or just a  talented use of noun, adjectives, and verbs

Yes, it is amazing what one could do with words

But it’s never my intention to be a great writer or speaker

But through my words and actions a great leader


Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

She taught me love

Real Love

She showed me how to smile from my heart

Then it all fell apart

She taught me pain

Real pain

She showed me what emptiness felt like

To be alive but feel like you lost your life

She gave me a reason to write

Writing became the new love of my life

The soothing of the words

Becoming deeply in love with each noun, adjective, and verb

Writing soothed my pain

When it all became to hard maintain

She gave me a page to cry on

A true friend to rely on