Can I Be Your Mr.

Can I Be Your Mr.?

I want to make the words of your favorite love song come true
Then pause the world for a minute to dance with you
More than a pulled out chair or an opened door
I want to take you places you’ve never been before
Show you parts of your mind you never thought to explore
Any inhibitions you have I want to murder
I want to four letter word you like nothing you have ever heard of
Not that I measure my self by your past
Because I don’t just want to be better than your last
I don’t even want to be the man of your dreams
I want to be the man that makes you think you are living a dream
Make you say this can’t be as good as it seems
I have no problem working to make you a believer
I want my love to be so amazing that your faith in God grows deeper
When I gaze into your eyes
I want you to feel like I need you to survive
I want to give you the kind of love the world misses
So would you please let me be your Mr and you my Mrs.?

My Own Dali

My Own Dali

A Salvador Dali view of time
I’m lost in my own mind
Some times a second feels like an hour, an hour like a year
Other moments, a year feels like a minute and death is near
Trapped in the epitome of my own insanity
How can I understand anything amongst the calamity
Yet, somehow soothing is your essence
It takes no more than your presence
It’s like you do some magical séance
To bring calming spirits I thought long ago lost in the chaos
Woman, you are something
Amazing how you don’t see the man I am but the one I becoming

The Pen and I

The Pen and I

I look at you and so many ideas come to mind
All of them making you my accomplice to defying time
Doing something that few men have done
Winning a battle that was not meant to be won
Pen, you will help me live for ever
We shall bring together the alphabet
Not creating mere words that would be adequate
Together we will change expectations
Painting vivid images with our creations
Words will mirror brush strokes
The readers’, raw emotion we shall evoke
People don’t remember words they remember a feeling
So to the heart we must be appealing
I say to you my paper and pen
Let our journey begin
Putting  fate in the palm of the hand
I vow, there is no death for this paper, pen, and man

Man and Woman

Man & Woman

I want to take you far away from your fears
But that would mean that you leave me here
I see thru that hard exterior
Through that beautiful smile you feel so inferior
My daily compliments
Do nothing for your confidence
You heart so battered and bruised
I guess from the many times you have been used
You see that for your love I’d pay the price
But it’s like the pain is your vice
Let me be you knight in shining armor
The battle I go thru for the former
My actions speak louder than my words
But even those go unheard
A wounded woman, that may never heal
This poem all to real

Love… I Wish I Knew You

Love… I Wish I Knew You

I wish I knew you
Our time together, much too brief
For me to say I know you or you know me
I’m grateful for every moment we have shared
Time becomes an enemy when you are there
If rubbing the lamp could bring you I’d need only one wish
The other two I’d pass along, I’d have everything I wanted in this
Sadly even in movies you can’t be wished for
I know I could have you if I just opened the door
But I can not find the key
Well at least not for me



I don’t remember when we first met

Only pictures of her at her best

Looking back, I long for days like that

She was beautiful, without a care in the world

Breathtaking, that girl

When she was new

Just a view

Would bring tears to your eyes

Beauty without compromise

But as the days go on

They grow ever so long

She was no longer the same

Her beauty had changed

She had completely different features

It was hard to tell if this was even the same creature

Her true beauty now a rare sight

The she I refer to is life

The saying is, “life shows us all the same light”

Yet the light for some looks real bright

While others fight to see through the night

Every moment with her, one should cherish

For who knows when she may leave you to perish

But if not with you, the next the curse to inherit



As crickets sing their favorite melody
I look at the night sky wondering how far can heaven be
the last time I close my eyes does it take a day, a minute, a week
does it really even matter because this is my eternal sleep
what does heaven feel like is it anything I have ever felt in real life
why would the maker of good create evil in the same night
the answers aren’t of any relevance
but I can’t deny the question’s presence
is this a weak believers mind state
I hope this doesn’t mean I’m losing my faith
my questions are like cancer slowly killing me
and the answers are like chemo killing while healing me