Man and Woman

Man & Woman

I want to take you far away from your fears
But that would mean that you leave me here
I see thru that hard exterior
Through that beautiful smile you feel so inferior
My daily compliments
Do nothing for your confidence
You heart so battered and bruised
I guess from the many times you have been used
You see that for your love I’d pay the price
But it’s like the pain is your vice
Let me be you knight in shining armor
The battle I go thru for the former
My actions speak louder than my words
But even those go unheard
A wounded woman, that may never heal
This poem all to real


Facebook Facade

Facebook Facade

Our world is perfect from Facebook’s point of view
If only the world knew
That photo probably the first smile we shared all day
Or when u clicked “insert name here” likes, you don’t feel that way
You don’t really “like” our life
Another face book lie
If you check either relationship status it is left blank
Too much pride to say openly our ship sank
We smile to save face
But our hearts are filled with hate
Hate for not walking away
Hate for pretending for one more day
Pictures speaks a 1000 words
And no one ever heard
The truth… this is a Facebook Facade

*Disclaimer although I wrote this poem it in no way reflects my life* LOL sorry didn’t want the world getting the wrong idea.