His Promise

His Promise

Head bowed, body bent

Every bit of fight in me spent

Dreams tormenting my soul

Tears begin to roll

As I whisper … God… my lips start to quiver

Do you remember

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

Here I am appearing ungrateful

So many say this is what they wait for

For me, this life is not enough

More is a must

I can’t stand the ordinary of just being

God you must have created me for more than I am seeing.

You promised no more than I could bear

No more than I could bear

So, Father please speak to me

Are my dreams not meant to be

Or is it that I am not ready

I keep saying be patient and hold steady

I worry how patient I should be

Maybe you’ve forgotten your promise to me

No more than I could bear

I hope you are listening to my prayer

And remember your promise of no more than I can bear

Because right now I feel I am almost there

That moment before I break and out of air



I walk that fine line
Between blasphemy and curious mind
My faith is wearing I feel myself slipping
I’m doing every thing I can to keep from quitting
Tears falling from my eyes
The wetness on my face let’s me know I’m alive
Otherwise from this pain I would have sworn I’d die
God have you forgotten me
Or is it I that has forgotten thee

Many of my readers wonder if I ever experience happy thoughts. To stop the wondering I will explain why most of the writings that I post seem to be from a sad soul. The first collection of my poetry that I want to release will be in a book called Help Wanted,  therefore the poems are all rather somber in essence or show a longing for more. The second volume that I will release shall be called The Brighter Side.  This book will contain “happy” poems of a sort and show  a different side of me .  Please join me on the journey,  subscribe to the site!