Can I Be Your Mr.

Can I Be Your Mr.?

I want to make the words of your favorite love song come true
Then pause the world for a minute to dance with you
More than a pulled out chair or an opened door
I want to take you places you’ve never been before
Show you parts of your mind you never thought to explore
Any inhibitions you have I want to murder
I want to four letter word you like nothing you have ever heard of
Not that I measure my self by your past
Because I don’t just want to be better than your last
I don’t even want to be the man of your dreams
I want to be the man that makes you think you are living a dream
Make you say this can’t be as good as it seems
I have no problem working to make you a believer
I want my love to be so amazing that your faith in God grows deeper
When I gaze into your eyes
I want you to feel like I need you to survive
I want to give you the kind of love the world misses
So would you please let me be your Mr and you my Mrs.?

Writers block

Writer’s Block

I want to write, I need to write, but the words escape me
The pen begins to speak,
“It is the heart not you who makes me”
I begin to plead…
“I really need this written,
I don’t have time for you to be smitten ”
My pen replies,
“Do you not know we create art and when I say we I mean pen and heart”
I quickly reply
“Of course I realize!”
The pen interrupts,
“Well it seems you don’t understand,
it’s not about your plan.
It is about capturing an emotion
so where ever did you get this notion”
I interrupt screaming,
“I understand all that, I get the deeper meaning!”
The pen calmly interjects,
“No… No you don’t you don’t understand at all.
If so, you would know that I answer to a higher call.
I amount to more than your weekly blog post.
I am the soul’s host, the emotions’ usher.
I am what causes a man to push further.
So if you think that you can make me jump;
Then by all means try all you want.
Your force is evident
Delivering a lack luster performance to put forth your weekly regiment”
Saddness and embarassment sweep my face
“I apologize my dear pen forgive my mistake.
I had forgotten it is not I but the heart that creates”



 In a world full of people realizing I’m alone

Not scared strangely feeling more in the zone

I’ve been here before

now knowing what it takes

you alone decide your fate

headed toward your destination

courage, persistence, and determination

no time to wait for help

you depend on yourself

survival instincts forgetting everything else

success is your only friend

and like true love you think of it until days end

you dream of it when you sleep

longing for it finding yourself not being able to eat

success means everything to me

just don’t know what success could be

Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

She taught me love

Real Love

She showed me how to smile from my heart

Then it all fell apart

She taught me pain

Real pain

She showed me what emptiness felt like

To be alive but feel like you lost your life

She gave me a reason to write

Writing became the new love of my life

The soothing of the words

Becoming deeply in love with each noun, adjective, and verb

Writing soothed my pain

When it all became to hard maintain

She gave me a page to cry on

A true friend to rely on